Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Culturally, New Year’s is that time when the previous year is left behind and we turn our attention toward improving the future. Making a New Year’s resolution is an important, symbolic gesture toward the “out-with-the-old” mantra.

However, you might be stumped when it comes to finding an idea for your resolution. Don’t want to get stuck with the same old goal every year? Here are some suggestions.

The most common resolutions are losing weight and being healthy. This is so common, in fact, that over a third of the population comes up with this same resolution.

However, you may not want to stick with something so generic or expected, or you may have tried and failed in the past. Don’t be discouraged–it might just not be your style. Other goals—like minimizing procrastination, improving your concentration or memory, or becoming more confident—might be up your alley instead.

Learning manners and etiquette, meeting new people, reading more, falling in love, becoming a tidier person–the possibilities are endless.

Don’t see anything you like yet? How about getting out of debt, saving money, or finding a better job? Volunteering more? Finding a new hobby? Spending less time on social media? Any of these are great choices, or you can use these as inspiration to come up with a New Year’s resolution of your own.

Whatever you do, try to find something that you can stick to–and stay with it!

GM Apple CarPlay Compatibility Sells More Cars

smartphoneMore and more vehicles on the market are becoming connected. With touchscreens becoming standard in the average model and some cars even offering a mobile wi-fi hotspot, the future is upon us. General Motors was one of the first companies to include smartphone connectivity in the lineups of the company’s various brands—Buick and GMC included. GM Apple CarPlay compatibility is reportedly contributing to the company’s incredible success this past year.

The Apple feature was implemented in a number of General Motors vehicles long before competing carmakers even though of it; now GM is reaping the benefits of foresight. Independent dealerships claim that consumers come onto the lot because they have heard about the Apple CarPlay feature and are interested, <a href="http://www viagra efficace ou”>drawing more and more potential buyers into the dealership. The popularity of the feature is also due to the fact that it mirrors to look and feel of the Apple iOS on users’ iPhones.

GM Apple CarPlay connectivity is no joke, judging by the fact that a total of 27 vehicles in GM’s lineup–more than any other manufacturer–come standard with the Apple feature. Other brands are beginning to follow in the company’s footsteps, but GM already has the upper hand.