2017 Buick Models Safer Than Ever

2017 Buick ModelsNot one, not two, but all of Buick’s 2017 models have top safety this year. All six 2017 Buick models have earned an overall five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It’s not easy to earn five stars from the NHTSA. To get a five-star Overall Vehicle Score, a vehicle must pass a range of tests like frontal, side, and rollover tests. But it also considers vehicle safety technology.

So how did all six 2017 Buick models do it? They did it with intelligent and advanced safety features. Additions like all-new Front Pedestrian Braking increase your safety and the safety of those outside the car. The Safety Alert Seat helps alert you when you’ve left something in the seat behind you. Plus, high-strength steel and advanced air bags help protect you in the instance of a crash.

“We know safety is top of mind for buyers when shopping for new vehicles, and the recent ratings by NHTSA showcase our brand’s dedication to providing our customers with safe, reliable transportation,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick Sales, Service and Marketing.

So no matter what 2017 Buick you’re getting behind the wheel of, you’ll get the perfect combination of style, power, and safety. Check out your favorite Buick today at Crawford Buick GMC.

Introducing the Avista Concept

You love Buicks. They have style, performance, and luxury. But it doesn’t just stop at their current cars. Their new Avista concept car has all the things you love in a Buick and even more.

The Avista concept has the ideal combination style and performance. You won’t catch this car on the road yet, but it can tell you the future of Buick’s vehicles. On the outside, you’ll find a sleek design that cuts through the air to increase aerodynamics. Touch-pad door handles make for a seamless flow of your doors.

The Avista concept has a futuristic interior, too, where its sleek exterior lines are reflected on the inside of the car. New Electronic Precision Shift technology makes it easier than ever to shift gears. The information and the gear shift seamlessly flow from your center console to your dashboard. Everything is digital and prioritizes ease of access. Finally, the steering wheel features a flat-bottomed design that makes maneuvering the car easier than ever.

Something else that makes maneuvering even easier is advanced performance dynamics with a twin turbo engine.

The Avista concept represents the future of Buick. Will you be ready for it when the descendents of the Avista concept hit the roads?

Buick Avista concept