El Paso Mother’s Day Events: Show Mom You Care

El Paso Mother’s Day events

Mother’s Day is on May 14, which means it’s right around the corner. There are a few ways to show the women in your life that you really care, including a number of El Paso Mother’s Day events. We’ve listed some of our favorites to help you find ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day this year.

According to KISS FM, one of the best things you can do for your mom is to take her to a local spa. This is a Mother’s Day classic, but it doesn’t get old. You can visit Barrangan’s or Massage Envy, two top locations for a massage, haircut, coloring, and more. Having a spa day is one way to help your mother or wife relax on this holiday.

Next, visit one of the many Mother’s Day brunches around town. Some of our favorite locations include Ardovino’s Desert Crossing, Butterfield Trail Golf Club, and Sunland Park. Many of these places are premium buffets that are perfect for having a meal with mom.

Finally, stop by a local garden. This time of year is perfect for a trip to the gardens because many of the roses and tulips are blooming. Check out El Paso’s Rose Garden, a four-acre location that is one of few official rose gardens in the country. Here at Crawford Buick GMC, we can’t wait for this upcoming Mother’s Day.

Steps to Buying a Truck: What Do You Need to Know First?

2017 GMC Sierra - El Paso, TX

Are you curious about buying a truck? We’ve put together a list of the various steps to the process, from finding the pickup that’s right for you to purchasing. Naturally, the car-buying process various from person to person; however, there are some important steps to buying a truck to keep in mind when shopping around.

First, according to Edmunds, it’s important to budget accordingly. The average car sells for roughly $25,000. However, the average truck sells for about $45,000. Trucks are larger, with added capabilities, components, and technologies—one reason they can be more expensive. Budgeting will help you find a truck that’s within your price range as well as practical.

Next, you’ll have to choose between light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty. These are the three basic criteria of production trucks on the market, and most are divided into categories like 1500, 2500, and 3500. There’s a trade-off between fuel economy and towing capacity, so it’s important to know what you plan on using your truck for. If you need it for hauling heavy loads for work, consider a heavy-duty truck. If you simply want a truck to have the option to tow and haul every once in a while, a light-duty truck might be right for you.

Finally, find the right bed and cab size. This also gets back to use—do you need a truck for carrying people, payloads, or both? Extended cabs are great for fitting people, but they can be more expensive. Meanwhile, short beds often improve fuel economy and handling, though they limit what you can carry.

For more information about choosing the right truck, stop by Crawford Buick GMC today. We have a huge selection of trucks to select from, including a range of options and trims.