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The Four B’s of Fall Car Care

Fall Car CareThe end of September signals the beginning of fall. The arrival of fall brings cooler temperatures, greater chances of precipitation, and less than ideal driving conditions. Get your vehicle ready with a simple fall checkup by following the Four B’s: brakes, battery, blades, and belts.

Brakes – The brake system is arguably the most important safety system on your car or truck. You may have been harder on your brakes than you realized during your summer cruising days, so make sure to have your brakes checked and repair the pads as needed.

Battery – Hot summer days can drain your vehicle’s battery, making it more likely to fail when you need it most in cooler months. Have your battery tested the next time you stop into our service center.

Blades – While we’re not quite ready for winter weather, fall typically has more precipitation than summer. Your windshield wiper blades are likely to get a workout this time of year so be sure to replace your wiper blades to ensure you have the best visibility possible when you are behind the wheel.

Belts – Check for leaks or cracking on belts and hoses to avoid being left stranded and waiting for a tow.

Be sure to stop by our service center to get your vehicle in shape for fall. We’ll be happy to provide a quick overview to keep your car or truck running like new!