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Improve Your Driving, Improve Your Fuel Saving

fuel savingA common misconception about fuel economy is that the EPA-rated mpg is the mpg you get. But in a real world scenario, your fuel saving is more dependent on driving style than any other factor, including the EPA rating.

For example, taking longer distances to brake and accelerate will not only help improve fuel economy by as much as 33 percent but also reduce tire and brake wear. It’ll even make you a safer, better driver!

Additionally, doing something as simple as managing the air conditioning can have amazing advantages. Turning the A/C off at low speeds in favor of rolling down the windows can reduce the strain on the engine, while turning it back on at high speeds and closing the windows will lower air resistance. Doing both can increase fuel saving by as much as 15 percent.

Of course, it does help to have a vehicle with higher mileage, like the Buick Encore that gets 33 mpg on the highway, to begin with—that makes all of these percentages even more valuable! Let us know how much fuel you saved at Crawford Buick GMC!

What’s your favorite car color?

favorite car color
Black was the most popular car color among luxury brands in 2013.

Do you choose your car based on its color? These days you can get a car in almost any color imaginable and can even get your car a custom paint job if you are looking to stand out even more. According to a recent article from Fox Business, your car color can say a lot about you. Gender, age, and color availability are big factors when making a choice. If you were to buy a car today and could pick any color imaginable, what would you choose? What does your car color say about you?

  • White cars give off a fresh, young presence. In 2013, white was the most popular car color and is great for hiding water spots. The interior of a white car is cooler since the white color reflects sunlight… just an added bonus!
  • If you like black, it is likely you are looking for luxury. In 2013, black was the most popular car color of luxury vehicles. Black gives off the feeling of sophistication and royalty.
  • Silver is also a very popular color as it gives off an innovative feel. Silver is also a color of class and security. If you want to sparkle, silver is the right choice for you!
  • Red cars give off the go-getter feel! Red commands attention and is a great color to show off!
  • If you are looking for a happy, practical color, then blue may be just the right color for you. Blue gives off stability, serenity, and truthfulness.
  • If you drive a yellow or gold colored car you are telling the world to be happy, and we thank you for that! Your flashy look makes the rest of us smile.
  • Green was the most popular color choice in the 1990s. This color shows the world that you care for the environment and nature.
  • If you are driving an orange car, you are most likely comfortable with value and saving money. Orange cars are fun, but also show that you are good at saving money.

What does your favorite car color say about you?

Avoid Driving Through These Cities This Summer

avoid driving through these citiesAre you a recent grad who is planning on taking a nice long road trip this summer? Are you headed out for a family vacation across the country? Whether you’re headed to the beach or big city this summer, there are definitely some places you should try to avoid driving through to save yourself from a big headache. TomTom navigation recently studied some of the most congested areas across the U.S. and you may be surprised (or not) by their findings.

If you are headed out to unwind and relax, TomTom recommends avoiding the following cities and their jam-packed interstates.

  1. Los Angeles. California is beautiful, but you don’t have to go to LA to experience everything that the great state has to offer. Drivers who work in the big city spend an average of 39 minutes of their 1 hour commute stuck in traffic. This is definitely something you would want to avoid on a family vacation.
  2. San Francisco. Another popular California destination known for the golden gate bridge and gorgeous skyline, this city surely attracts city-dwellers and tourists alike. If you’re driving through expect a 32-percent delay.
  3. Honolulu. This may surprise you, but even paradise has its downfalls. Since there are only a few highways on the island, drivers can expect big delays especially during rush hour. If you are planning a vacation to the island and plan on renting a car, explore alternate routes to avoid a major headache.
  4. Seattle. This city is up 2-percent from last year. The average driver complains of spending 27-percent of their one-hour drive waiting in traffic.

Have you experienced any of these cities and their ridiculous traffic jams? What is the worst city you have ever driven through? Let us know what you think below! Happy Travels from Crawford Buick GMC!