Fun Road Trip Games

Fun Road Trip GamesHeading out for your annual family vacation? Check out these fun road trip games that will help time pass faster as you make your 8 hour trip to your destination. Keep your kids engaged and get them talking with an easy in-car game.

  1. Find the Vehicle/License Plate – You can play this game by having one person name a vehicle or state. The person who spots the specific vehicle or state license plate gets a point. The first person to 10 points is the winner! You can make it a bit more challenging by naming off more exotic makes and models.
  2. Who Am I? – Have one person in the car think of someone who everyone in the car knows. This can range from a celebrity to a family friend. The person will then give off random clues and the others in the car have to guess the identity. The first one to guess correctly gets a point.
  3. Slug Bug / Banana Game – Yellow vehicles and/or VW beetles earn points. The first one to 10 points is the winner!

No matter what game you decide to play on your family adventure, remember to keep it casual and simple. You don’t want to cause conflict among your children. Electronic devices like laptops or DVD players can also help pass the time, but family engagement is something that will stick with your children for years to come!

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