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The Best Used Cars for Under $25k

Used CarsOne of the largest benefits of shopping used is the sheer amount of choices buyers have. However, that can be overwhelming if you don’t even know what some good options are. If you don’t want to slog through ad after ad looking for the best used cars, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some nameplates that have made their way onto Consumer Reports’ list of Best Used Cars for Under $25,000.

  • Ford Focus: Typically less than $10k, the Focus offers an interior that feels more upscale and it will make you feel like you’re driving something a little more sporty.
  • Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai is known for offering great cars for a fraction of the price. Consumer Reports says that the Sonata is an accommodating alternative to some of its pricey competitors.
  • Infiniti G: A luxury convertible on this list? That’s right! Luxury vehicles are a surprising prevalent in used car markets, as you can find them with similar prices to other cars as they depreciate faster.
  • Toyota Highlander: Reliable, available third-row seat, and available hybrid version. What’s not to love about the Toyota Highlander?

There are plenty of other great used cars we could have put on this list, but this is just a sample of some of the great options offered. If you’re interested in buying, give us at Crawford Buick GMC a call. When it comes to used cars, we have more than just GM products, so we’d be happy to help.

Crawford Buick GMC Welcomes You to its Preferred Owner Program

Crawford AutosIf you’re anything like us, you like to walk into an establishment that you frequent and feel like it’s working for you right away.  You want to walk into the pizza parlor and find that they’ve already started making your pizza because they know what you get.  You want your hair stylist to know exactly how much to cut and where to stop.  You want every dollar and every cent that you spend to buy you not only a quality product or service, but also the appreciation of the business to which you are pledging your patronage.

In this spirit, Crawford Buick GMC has begun its own customer appreciation program; we call it the Crawford Preferred Owner Program, and we’ve created it to work for our loyal customers.  By signing up for the program, you will receive a $200 credit toward the purchase of a new vehicle and $25 for your next visit to our service center.

From there, you earn 5% off all service expenses incurred and, when using Points Plus through Crawford’s Preferred Owner portal, an additional 1-35% in service credits with no maximum.  The program can be used at any of over 400 major retailers who specialize in everything from electronics and apparel to sporting goods and entertainment.

See the Crawford Preferred Owner Program page for more information or stop on down to Crawford Buick GMC to get signed up and start your saving now!