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What’s your favorite car color?

favorite car color
Black was the most popular car color among luxury brands in 2013.

Do you choose your car based on its color? These days you can get a car in almost any color imaginable and can even get your car a custom paint job if you are looking to stand out even more. According to a recent article from Fox Business, your car color can say a lot about you. Gender, age, and color availability are big factors when making a choice. If you were to buy a car today and could pick any color imaginable, what would you choose? What does your car color say about you?

  • White cars give off a fresh, young presence. In 2013, white was the most popular car color and is great for hiding water spots. The interior of a white car is cooler since the white color reflects sunlight… just an added bonus!
  • If you like black, it is likely you are looking for luxury. In 2013, black was the most popular car color of luxury vehicles. Black gives off the feeling of sophistication and royalty.
  • Silver is also a very popular color as it gives off an innovative feel. Silver is also a color of class and security. If you want to sparkle, silver is the right choice for you!
  • Red cars give off the go-getter feel! Red commands attention and is a great color to show off!
  • If you are looking for a happy, practical color, then blue may be just the right color for you. Blue gives off stability, serenity, and truthfulness.
  • If you drive a yellow or gold colored car you are telling the world to be happy, and we thank you for that! Your flashy look makes the rest of us smile.
  • Green was the most popular color choice in the 1990s. This color shows the world that you care for the environment and nature.
  • If you are driving an orange car, you are most likely comfortable with value and saving money. Orange cars are fun, but also show that you are good at saving money.

What does your favorite car color say about you?