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GM Apple CarPlay Compatibility Sells More Cars

smartphoneMore and more vehicles on the market are becoming connected. With touchscreens becoming standard in the average model and some cars even offering a mobile wi-fi hotspot, the future is upon us. General Motors was one of the first companies to include smartphone connectivity in the lineups of the company’s various brands—Buick and GMC included. GM Apple CarPlay compatibility is reportedly contributing to the company’s incredible success this past year.

The Apple feature was implemented in a number of General Motors vehicles long before competing carmakers even though of it; now GM is reaping the benefits of foresight. Independent dealerships claim that consumers come onto the lot because they have heard about the Apple CarPlay feature and are interested, <a href="http://www viagra efficace ou pas.techtimes.com/articles/116327/20151215/apple-carplay-helps-general-motors-dealers-sell-more.htm”>drawing more and more potential buyers into the dealership. The popularity of the feature is also due to the fact that it mirrors to look and feel of the Apple iOS on users’ iPhones.

GM Apple CarPlay connectivity is no joke, judging by the fact that a total of 27 vehicles in GM’s lineup–more than any other manufacturer–come standard with the Apple feature. Other brands are beginning to follow in the company’s footsteps, but GM already has the upper hand.

GM’s Third Quarter Sales Break 34-Year Record

All of General Motors’ hard work this year has paid off. With nearly 2.5 million vehicles sold from July through September, the auto company reported its best global sales for the third quarter since 1980.

General Motors’ two biggest markets, the U.S. and China, experienced 8 and 14 percent growth, respectively, over GM’s third quarter sales from last year.

“GM delivered its best third quarter global sales in 34 years thanks to solid growth in the United States and China, and steady improvement in Opel’s market share,” said Mary Barra, General Motors CEO.

“We have launches now underway, including the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon in North America, the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa in Europe, and the Buick Envision and Cadillac ATS-L in China, that will keep our momentum going.”

GM's third quarter sales
2015 GMC Canyon

So what were you doing back in 1980? Your style was likely much different the last time GM reached the same volume of consumers with new products during the third quarter. You were possibly on the cusp of rolled-jean greatness or sporting leg warmers so bright they couldn’t be missed. Or maybe you were yet to be born. Either way, it’s been a while since we’ve seen numbers like these for GM’s third quarter sales, and we at Crawford Buick GMC want to say thank you for playing your part in allowing us to break a 34-year-old record.

What’s your favorite car color?

favorite car color
Black was the most popular car color among luxury brands in 2013.

Do you choose your car based on its color? These days you can get a car in almost any color imaginable and can even get your car a custom paint job if you are looking to stand out even more. According to a recent article from Fox Business, your car color can say a lot about you. Gender, age, and color availability are big factors when making a choice. If you were to buy a car today and could pick any color imaginable, what would you choose? What does your car color say about you?

  • White cars give off a fresh, young presence. In 2013, white was the most popular car color and is great for hiding water spots. The interior of a white car is cooler since the white color reflects sunlight… just an added bonus!
  • If you like black, it is likely you are looking for luxury. In 2013, black was the most popular car color of luxury vehicles. Black gives off the feeling of sophistication and royalty.
  • Silver is also a very popular color as it gives off an innovative feel. Silver is also a color of class and security. If you want to sparkle, silver is the right choice for you!
  • Red cars give off the go-getter feel! Red commands attention and is a great color to show off!
  • If you are looking for a happy, practical color, then blue may be just the right color for you. Blue gives off stability, serenity, and truthfulness.
  • If you drive a yellow or gold colored car you are telling the world to be happy, and we thank you for that! Your flashy look makes the rest of us smile.
  • Green was the most popular color choice in the 1990s. This color shows the world that you care for the environment and nature.
  • If you are driving an orange car, you are most likely comfortable with value and saving money. Orange cars are fun, but also show that you are good at saving money.

What does your favorite car color say about you?

Crawford Buick GMC Is Your GM Business Elite Dealer

Business Elite
GMC Savana & GMC Sierra

Here at Crawford Buick GMC, we’ve been providing our customers with the best vehicles GM has to offer for over 40 years. But did you also know we’re the ONLY GM Business Elite dealer in and around El Paso with perfect solutions for your business’s commercial vehicle needs?

Our Business Elite service specializes in providing you with the customized care and specialized attention required to outfit you with a fleet that caters to your business’s needs.

An expert account specialist will work step by step with your organization to ensure you receive the upfits and vehicles you need; and on-site delivery makes the whole process almost too easy.

Business Elite
Crawford Buick GMC is the only Business Elite Dealer in El Paso

Express Business Service promises extended hours. We work around your schedule and offer around-the-clock towing and work-ready loaners should the need arise.

Our Business Choice Maintenance program guarantees routine maintenance for two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Here at Crawford, we are committed to giving our customers, and their businesses, the best. That’s why we’re your only GM Business Elite dealer.

Blind Experience Nature in GM Wildlife Habitat

If you visit the General Motors Canada Limited headquarters, you would see an expansive wildlife habitat located directly behind it.  GM wanted to make sure that everyone could experience the beauty right outside its backdoor, including the visually impaired, so the automaker teamed up with the Canadian Institute of the Blind to create a 4 ½-mile trail designed to help the blind experience nature.

The trail is part of the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, which is a massive, 104-acre wildlife habitat maintained by GM and its community partners.  Braille panels run all along the trail to inform the blind of what birds and sounds they are hearing at each stop.

The Braille panels are yet another example of GM’s commitment to engage every member of the community.  The trail also features wheelchair-accessible path that are line with guide rope for easier mobility.

“We work with local schools, non-governmental organizations, nonprofits and environmental preservation groups to enhance habitats in the communities in which we operate,” said Sue Kelsey, GM biodiversity program manager, in a press release. “We are making great strides to increase biodiversity today while helping to educate the next generation of environmental stewards on the importance of conservation.”

To learn more about GM’s community efforts, visit us today at Crawford Buick GMC!

Buick May Bring a Diesel Engine to U.S.

Buick Verano We think the lingering stink and smoke from the diesel engines of the ‘70s and ‘80s is starting to clear as many auto makers are starting to introduce diesel options here in the U.S. One of these is Buick. General Motors has already introduced the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel and it is being received well with positive reviews.

Edmunds reported that an unnamed GM source confirmed the possible Buick diesel model, though would not give specifics. Since GM already has the Cruze Diesel, Edmunds, suspects the Buick model would be the Cruze’s counterpart the Buick Verano.

As CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standard are getting pushed higher and higher, auto makers have to find ways to make cars more efficient and diesel engines are a great way to do this. The Cruze’s diesel engine is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that makes 148 horsepower. This engine has an EPA-estimated fuel efficiency of 46 mpg on the highway, which equals over 700 miles on a single tank of gas.

We would love to see this type of efficiency and range in a Buick model. Which Buick model would you like to see with a diesel engine option?

GM and Ford Partner to Develop Advanced Technology Transmissions

General Motors and Ford recently signed an agreement in which both domestic automakers will share in the development of an all-new generation of advanced automatic transmissions. Wait..did you just read that correctly? Yes, you did. For the third time in the past decade, the two auto giants will combine collaborative efforts to help them both deliver durable transmissions to customers around the world.

“Engineering teams from GM and Ford have already started initial design work on these new transmissions,” said Jim Lanzon, GM vice president of global transmission engineering. “We expect these new transmissions to raise the standard of technology, performance and quality for our customers while helping drive fuel economy improvements into both companies’ future product portfolios. This agreement provides tremendous benefits for both companies.”

This new joint agreement will be to develop 9- and 10-speed automatic transmissions for cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. The new transmissions will be installed in some of Ford’s most popular vehicles and in a variety of GM’s award-winning models.

GM - Ford Joint Transmission