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These Preventative Maintenance Tips Can Help You Avoid an Auto Accident

wiper bladesIf you want to get the most out of your vehicle, the best thing you can do is perform routine, preventative maintenance. Why wait until your tire goes flat or until a low oil level causes permanent damage when you can easily prevent these dangerous incidents?

Here is a simple list of preventative maintenance tips to get you started.

  • Keep a notebook in your car, and use it to detail what maintenance you have performed and when.
  • Check your tire pressure and your oil about once a month, or more, if you tend to drive on rougher roads.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rest of your vehicle fluids, and be sure to check up on them occasionally, too.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of your windshield wipers, and replace them whenever they get streaky.
  • Lastly, build a relationship with your local service department – like ours at Crawford Buick GMC – where an expert can help you out!

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How to Put Air in Tires

tiresNow that winter is over and spring has officially started, it’s time to check your tires’ air levels. Cold weather makes tire pressure fluctuate, so get yourself a good pressure gauge if you don’t have one, and follow these steps on how to put air in tires.

First, find the valve stem on the inside of the tire, uncap it, and put the end of your pressure gauge into the stem to check the pressure. If the pressure is lower than the psi suggested in your owner’s manual, you need to add air.

The easiest way to do this is to go to a gas station. Most have consoles where you can put air in your tires for a quarter. Park close to the air pump. Just like when you checked the pressure, unscrew the cap on the valve stem.

Start the machine and place the tip of the air pump into the valve stem and let the air flow in. If you hear a loud rush of air, it probably isn’t secured properly, so wiggle it around. Check the pressure as you go. When you’re done, recap the valve stems and repeat as needed on the other tires.

How Important Are Regular Tire Rotations?

TireWhile it may seem like just another inconvenient service appointment, tire rotations are actually a very important piece of the car maintenance puzzle. Without regular rotations, your tires will wear unevenly, not only destroying the tires themselves prematurely, but causing other issues, too.

So, just how important are tire rotations?

Your tires wear differently based on a number of factors, including the position of the tires on the vehicle, the condition of your suspension, and your overall driving style. Rotating your tires every 3,000 to 6,000 miles (check your owner’s manual) encourages your tires to wear evenly over time.

Front wheel drive vehicles will almost always wear the front tires down more rapidly, since those tires carry the majority of the car’s weight, and do all of the steering and thrusting. More often than not, rear wheel drive cars will also wear down on the front tires faster, since 80% of braking is accomplished with the front tires.

Get the most out of your tires by having them rotated on a regular basis. You’ll find that your car not only drives better, but it will be more efficient and help to keep your alignment and transmission in good shape.

Give us a call at Crawford Buick GMC today and make an appointment to have your tires rotated!

How Alternators Work

serviceCars are highly complex pieces of machinery, and the ways in which the parts work together to run the car smoothly is fascinating—if not essential—to know for the average driver. And one of the most essential parts of your car is the alternator, so here’s a quick rundown on how alternators work.

The alternator is the part of your car that continuously recharges your battery so that you don’t run out of juice. It puts out between 13.5 and 14.8 volts, enough to charge the 12-volt battery as well as run the other electrical parts of your car.

The three main parts of the alternator are the stator, rotor, and diode. The alternator belt spins the pulley on the alternator, which in turn spins the magnetic rotor inside it. The rotor spins inside the stator, a bundle of copper wires, which produces electricity, and the diode converts the electricity produced in the alternator into a type of electricity your battery can use.

The alternator also has a voltage regulator that shuts off the flow of electricity to the battery if the voltage gets above a certain level.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil, Really?

How Often Should You Change Your Oil, Really?There is no single right answer to the question “how often should you change your oil”. Car owners need to take into account a variety of factors including the type of oil being used, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and how hard you are on your car. Here we’ll help you sort out if your car can really go 15,000 miles between oil changes.

The 15,000-mile oil change is growing in popularity, with expensive synthetic oils that can last a full five times longer than the oil changes typically recommended by quick-lube locations. The quick answer is that yes, you can go 15,000 miles between oil changes with no harm to your car (with certain cars and certain oils). The bigger question is whether that’s the best choice for you.

Choosing an expensive synthetic oil in an effort to increase the time between oil changes is especially cost-effective over a long period of time. If you think you’ll drive your car right into the ground, it may be worth considering. It is important to note that some vehicles require synthetic oil, so make sure you refer to your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the correct oil for your car.

For most car-owners, a conventional oil will do the trick. Due to better quality additives, these oils are lasting longer than ever before, with manufacturers even promising 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes (under ideal conditions, of course).

The bottom line: use synthetic oils if you plan to keep your car for a very long time, if you do a significant amount of driving or expect the car to take some abuse over its life, if you want to do oil changes yourself to save money, or if you just want to baby your prized possession.

Answer these questions to determine if a 15,000-mile change is right for you.

Still not sure? At Crawford Buick GMC, we’re happy to help. Stop by our service department to find out the best oil for your car.

The Four B’s of Fall Car Care

Fall Car CareThe end of September signals the beginning of fall. The arrival of fall brings cooler temperatures, greater chances of precipitation, and less than ideal driving conditions. Get your vehicle ready with a simple fall checkup by following the Four B’s: brakes, battery, blades, and belts.

Brakes – The brake system is arguably the most important safety system on your car or truck. You may have been harder on your brakes than you realized during your summer cruising days, so make sure to have your brakes checked and repair the pads as needed.

Battery – Hot summer days can drain your vehicle’s battery, making it more likely to fail when you need it most in cooler months. Have your battery tested the next time you stop into our service center.

Blades – While we’re not quite ready for winter weather, fall typically has more precipitation than summer. Your windshield wiper blades are likely to get a workout this time of year so be sure to replace your wiper blades to ensure you have the best visibility possible when you are behind the wheel.

Belts – Check for leaks or cracking on belts and hoses to avoid being left stranded and waiting for a tow.

Be sure to stop by our service center to get your vehicle in shape for fall. We’ll be happy to provide a quick overview to keep your car or truck running like new!

AskPatty Has Found a Home at Crawford Buick GMC

Crawford Buick GMC AskPattyThere is, unfortunately, a long-standing stigma that interest in and knowledge of automotives—from playing with Hot Wheels or RC Cars in youth to understanding the troubles that may be plaguing your vehicle as an adult—is primarily a male-centric characteristic.  Furthermore, this kind of thinking has served to breed a backwards mentality at certain auto dealerships, creating a “boys’ club” environment in the offices and on the showroom floors that can be quite uncomfortable for female employees to work in and for female customers to purchase from.

Fortunately, there is AskPatty.com, a company that prides itself as “a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research.”  They aren’t kidding about the expert part.  Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty.com, has her own series on Ehow.com and AutoNet TV, has spoken at dozens of engagements across the nation, and published articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes Autos.

In addition to helping consumers by offering them news, tips, and information, AskPatty.com also services the automotive industry by helping auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, and auto service and repair centers better market toward their female demographics.

These services include training and certifying employees and owners of these businesses in the art of attracting and selling to their female constituency, as well as methods for retaining their valuable business and capturing their loyalty.

We here at Crawford Buick GMC would like you to know that our dealership is AskPatty Certified Female Friendly and that it is our primary goal to ensure that all customers feel welcome and comfortable in their shopping experience.

To celebrate our AskPatty certification, we would like to offer Ask Patty Discount Day every Thursday.  On Ask Patty Discount Day, all female customers who use our Service Department and pay their bills with us will receive an additional 10% discount in addition to any other applicable discounts.  We hope to see you down at Crawford Buick GMC soon!