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Buick Targets Younger Crowd with Vine and YouTube

Buick Targets Younger Crowd
2014 Buick Regal GS

Buick has been considered the brand of choice for elderly buyers for many, many years. Buick is hanging up their grandpa-car hat, and taking on a new role. With a changing product mix that includes a turbocharged sports sedan and a compact crossover, Buick is taking on the younger crowd. To enhance their efforts, Buick is taking on a new social media campaign aimed at millennials.

Buick has employed Zach King, a trick cinematographer, to create a series of six-second basketball-themed Vine videos featuring mind-bending effects such as King himself transforming into Dick Vitale, or a car hood shooting a ball with help from the trunk lid.

Buick has also taken the opportunity to create several YouTube videos. Partnering with music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider, a video was created featuring a Regal GS and millennials dribbling basketballs, slamming car doors and revving the turbo engine. Another video starring the Regal features a song by the internet comedy and advertising team Rhett & Link, mocking the nation’s cellphone-obsessed culture.

These projects are a chance for Buick to capitalize on the large followings of online entertainers and to showcase the brand’s updated lineup to younger consumers in a place they are actually looking.

“We’re a brand that’s very approachable and stylish and luxurious, but also isn’t afraid to be unabashed about ourselves and who we are,” says Sandra Moore, Buick’s marketing director in an AutoNews.com article. “So you always see a little bit of humor in a lot of our spots.”

What do you think about Buick’s shift to appeal to a larger, younger customer base?