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#X “It Can Wait” Campaign Goes Viral

We’ve all heard of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, which aims to eliminate the act of texting and driving. Now, AT&T has introduced a hashtag (#X) meant to help young drivers notify their friends and family when they’re about to drive.

Basically, texting #X to your friends and family pauses a text conversation and lets others know you’re about to get behind the wheel and will respond to texts once you arrive. The text is a simple way to send a message that will let people know why you aren’t responding right away.

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” website is engaging and fun. It allows users to create gif memes of ridiculous messages they’ve received from behind the wheel, see all of the celebrities on Twitter who have posted the hashtag, watch informative videos, and take a pledge to abstain from texting and driving. A variety of public figures – from singer Tim McGraw to the Arkansas Attorney General have gotten behind the movement and tweeted the tag.

#X It Can Wait CampaignThe “It Can Wait” campaign has changed the way we think about texting and driving. We find it highly unlikely that anyone can pick up their phone in the car without that small, but powerful phrase popping into their head. It really can wait.

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